Monday, April 13, 2015

What does it mean when you do not show up for your appointment

Recently I had someone leave frantic calls on voice mail. This is not a client of mine. A prospective client.

I called her back - I'm ok talking to prospective clients. This one used up over an hour of my time talking about mostly irrelevant things. I tried to be nice - she has many health problems, isn't doing well, etc...

Immediately after getting off the phone, she calls back and leaves another voice mail - she just needs 2 more minutes with me.

I call her back 2 days later on Monday (previous conversation was late Saturday), spend more than 30 minutes on phone with her again.

During all this she does set up an appointment.

3 days before her appointment I call her to confirm. This is not normal procedure I hate such phone calls. I consider them harassment. If someone is serous about their health and working with me, they don't need that phone call.

But with her, I did it, because someone else wanted an apt. her time.

And she tells me she doesn't intend to come in.

So, this is what she does...
Leaves multiple voice mails - demanding my immediate attention.
Harasses me repeatedly to treat her over the phone - and I tried to gently explain to her - I can not treat someone for medical emergency over phone - it is outside my scope as ND in NYS and besides I never even saw her!

Then after over 90 minutes of phone time, her intention is to simply no show for her appointment.

This is what happens when you no show:

1) I can not see someone who wanted to come in that same time
2) At times - that other person has a busy schedule and now their health is compromised because or your missed apt
3) I loose money - because instead of doing something productive I had to blank out that time for you.

Things do happen in life. At times it happens to all of us, but I can't count the number of times someone schedule an initial and then doesn't show up.

This is not someone not wanting to return and see me again. This is someone calling up to make an appointment and then just never appears.

A few times people have scheduled initial visits for the next day and didn't show!

Sometimes people call up and say something like "I want to schedule and appointment for Tuesday, but I will call Monday to tell you if I can make it." What is that - do you want to come in or not. What if someone else wants that time. It's been a process to learn how to not play games with such people. They are never good clients to work with, if they even ever  show up to begin with.

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